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Welcome to the Möbius Documentation site. This wiki serves as the official source of documentation for the Möbius modeling tool. More information about Möbius, especially how to get the tool, can be found on the main Möbius website.

Using this Wiki

Using this site is as easy as using other websites. Simply use the navigation tree on the left side to find the material you are looking for or try the Search box in the upper right corner. In addition, this website is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia. In order to edit any of the pages on this wiki, you must first log in. Your login information is the same as the login details you use to access the main Möbius website.

Getting Started with Möbius

If you are new to Möbius, the first thing you need to do to get started is create an account on the main Möbius website. Once your account request has been approved by our staff, you'll be able to download the tool and begin modeling.

After you download the tool, use the instructions on the Möbius website or the Installation instructions on this wiki to install Möbius. Next, you may wish to dig into the detailed documentation, starting with the Modeling Background page, or try out one of our Tutorials to learn the tool. If you have a specific kind of system you are trying to model, you should consider exploring the Examples page to see a list of example projects from the Möbius team as well as contributions from our user community.