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Often a modeler wishes to investigate the behavior of systems for several different parameter values, perhaps corresponding to different system configurations. Möbius provides a convenient method to do so through the creation of studies. Recall from Sections 4 and 5 that global variables can be defined on atomic or composed models. A study allows one to examine the effect of varying parameters (global variables) on system performance. Within a study, one or more experiments may be defined based on the different values the parameters may take. More precisely, an experiment is one tuple of parameter values for which a model may be solved.

Möbius currently supports two types of studies: range studies and set studies. Keep in mind that even if no global variables have been defined in a model, a default study must still be created. A new study can be created by right-clicking on the Study node from the Möbius project tree view. The study editor selection dialog allows users to choose the appropriate types of study editor.